Terms and Conditions

Customers agree to all terms and conditions where Internet service is provided.

A. Basic Installations starting at $100.00; A Performance WISP technician will conduct an onsite survey and let the inquiring customer know if the said location qualifies for Basic Installation fees. Other Installation prices may vary on location.

B. The subscriber shall pay Performance PC, LLC. the charges associated with the service(s) requested/rendered, including without limitation, deposits, set up fees, prorated service fees, late fees, additional equipment needed, labor charges exceeding normal Installation times permitted. The subscriber agrees to pay all monthly service charges for services requested/rendered and possible service calls.

C. All equipment at said subscriber's home or location must be connected to a surge protector at minimum, but is not warranted if there are brown outs, black outs or lightning strikes and other electrical problems not within Performance PC, LLC. 's control. If the said subscriber pays for the Worry free maintenance agreement, then all and only Performance PC, LLC equipment that is damaged will be replaced or repaired. Except for intentional damage and/or theft. If the said subscriber is not paying for the Worry free maintenance agreement and any and/or all Performance PC, LLC equipment is damaged due to any reason, then the said subscriber will be financially liable for such equipment. The Worry free maintenance agreement is only $5.00 a month.

D. Ownership of the CPE (Client Premise Equipment) is solely retained by Performance PC, LLC. In the event of theft, intentional or unintentional damage of the CPE, subscriber agrees to pay present repair or replacement value cost for CPE and installation fees associated whether subscribers continues service or not. If the said subscriber does not want to continue service, then a written letter must be received by Performance PC, LLC. stating this and must be a 30 day notice. Subscriber must pay that said 30 day period.

E. The agreement between subscriber and Performance PC, LLC. is a month to month service. Monthly payments must be received on or before the 1st of the month. Our service must be paid in advance, or said subscriber may experience a service interruption with continuing fees. If payment is not received by the 5th of the month, the said subscriber's account is considered past due and a late fee of $10.00 will incur. If subscriber has not paid for service by the 10th of the month, service interruptions may occur and/or Performance PC, LLC. has the right to obtain all equipment inside or outside the subscriber's home or location. Past due amounts not paid will be collected from a collection agency, or collected by Performance PC, LLC. through the Whitley County Courts. Additional fees such as but not limited to the existing balance of the account plus any late fees, removal fees, administrative fees, attorney's fees and any court fees incurred.

F. All materials, labor, equipment used for service has no warranty and are provided "as is" and "as available" for subscriber's use. Services are not warranted to be available at any particular time or location, that any defects of errors will be corrected caused by subscriber, content viewed or downloaded is secure, free of viruses or other harmful components. Use at your own risk. 

G. Performance PC, LLC. shall not be held liable for service interruptions caused by failure of equipment or services not provided by the company, failure or communications, power outages, or other interruptions not within the complete control of Performance PC, LLC. or maintenance being conducted. Performance PC, LLC. is not liable for performance deficiencies caused by or created by subscriber's equipment, location, surroundings, other RF propagating producing products or damage. The subscriber hereby releases Performance PC, LLC. from liability issues arising from any content accessed via the service. Performance PC, LLC. will monitor network quality, connectivity and/or any other problems within our control and up to our CPE, not subscriber's router, switch, computer(s) or devices. Performance PC, LLC. is not liable if there is a problem inside the subscriber's home or location; example: computer virus/spyware/adware/malware/trojan horse program/etc, hardware issues, power failures and other issues not within our total control or network. Service calls are available for connectivity issues with applying fees to subscriber unless the issue is caused by our CPE.

H. Speeds and rates are posted in the Our Services area of this website. No hidden fees or surcharges shall be incurred. Speed rates may vary, and sustained speeds are not guaranteed.

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